Celestial Series #3 | 18 X 36"
  • Celestial Series #3 | 18 X 36"


    18 X 36" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


    Split Base Colors: Quinacridone Violet/Interference Red/Copper and Oxide Black

    Dutch pour colors: used:Copper Light (Fine), Pthalo Turquoise, Cobalt Violet Hue/Interference Blue, Gold Deep (Fine), Copper Red Pigment

    • Care

      Your art will come with a protective coat that includes water and UVA damage protection, but it's still important not to hang your art in direct sunlight as this could cause discoloration or damage over time. If required, you may gently clean with soap and water.

    • Note

      Unless otherwise specified, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, due to shipping delays.  There's a minimum wait of at least one week after the final coat of varnish is applied before the painting is safe to ship (must allow the protective coats to fully cure/harden). I apologize in advance for any inconvienence this may cause.

    * Interested in something similar, but perhaps a different size or custom colors; send me a commission request.